ENS domain appraisal premium features

  • Author : Donna
  • Date : 16th Aug, 2022
  • Time : 7 Min Read

ENS domain appraisal can consist of a lot more than valuation. We provide extended features and premium services to our ‘Pro’ users. Depending on what you need you can choose the package that suits your needs best. It’s seamless to upgrade, so as you grow, our features will grow with you.

For our most active collectors we recommend the following:

1 - Bulk Appraisals
When you are choosing between multiple domain names or have a larger collection - you want to be able to search for multiple domain appraisals at a time. With the bulk domain appraisal you can easily appraise domain lists up to 50 domains. If you need a way to request many appraisals to conduct research, investment analysis, or for any other purpose. Our domain appraisal service will help establish an accurate market value of your domains whether you are buying, selling, or just getting a sense of their worth. Some viewpoints may persuade you to keep your domains for the future.

You need to have the Picard or Data subscription to use Bulk Appraisals.

2 - Live support
All of our packages come with lifetime support through our official Discord channel. There our team will answer your questions or thank you for your feedback within 24 hours. With the Live Support option you will have a dedicated collector manager at your disposal. This helps establish a closer relationship and better understand your needs, both for appraisals and for brokerage. Imagine it as your own, personal ENS advisor.

You need to have the Data subscription to use Live Support.

3 - Valuation Certificate
 The valuation certificate is a badge of honor that you can proudly wear and share with everyone in your community. It is a valid, unbiased appraisal of the estimated price of your domain name, with regards to current trends, community feedback and most of all - purely empirical data from our algorithm and database. In short - you get to show a certificate of appraisal to your potential buyers and investors.

You need to have the Data subscription to apply for a Valuation Certificate.

4 - Brokerage Service
It can be a real pain in the @$$ to sell your domain name sometimes.

- You need quick liquidity, without losing on your initial investment.
- You’ve been waiting for months or even years and can’t get rid of it.
- You just don’t want to deal with selling it.
- You just want to find the highest bidder.
- You have your own reasons.

You can gain access to our premium club that consists of a vast network of dedicated collectors.

You need to have the Data subscription to apply for the Brokerage Service.


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